Health Conscience?
Balance the Body with Natural Resources


*Experiencing problems with stress and anxiety?

*Difficulties controlling your anger and emotions

*How’s your Spiritual Health; can you forgive? Do you have faith?

*Experiencing problems handling depression?

*Are you convinced that you can’t exercise; relax?

*Are you feeling as if your life is out of balance?

Are you experiencing difficulties Balancing your:

Physical Health
Mental/Emotional Health
Spiritual Health
Balancing Life in General

I believe that it is God’s desire that we are HEALTHY in our entire body. In accordance to 3 John 1-2; “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prosperth.” Mental/Emotional Health, Physical Health, Spiritual Health is inclusive in the “all things.” -Therefore, this principle refers to our Physical, Mental and Emotional, and Spiritual Health as well. Often times we well exercise and take care of our physical health and neglect our Mental/Emotional and Spiritual Health. Thus, I believe that it is virtually vital that we learn to take care of our Mental/Emotional and Spiritual Health as well as our Physical Health.

How can I Balance My Body with Natural Resources? Balance the Body with Natural Resources in the sense of developing, implementing, and applying Healthy strategies, coping skills, tools and techniques, practical and Biblical principles individuals can apply on a daily and ongoing basis to help control and manage:

-the stress and anxiety which invades our lives daily
-to help in managing and controlling anger: healthy Anger Management tips
-tips to help manage and cope with depression
-principles to help feed the individual’s Spiritual Health
-principles to help balance one’s life in general

I believe that in balancing one’s Physical, Mental/Emotional, and Spiritual Health on a daily and ongoing basis with Natural Resources in the sense of healthy strategies, coping skills, tools and techniques, practical and Biblical principles individuals will become more effective in every area, every aspect, and every perspective of there lives. Individuals can become more fruitful, more productive, and more effective in there daily living as one strives toward setting and accomplishing realistic goals, and as we strive to become all that God has desired for us to be; as we strive to reach our dreams, discover and walk in our divine purpose and our divine destiny; as we serve God, our family, our community, and as we provide positive services and positively influence and impact those individuals around us, our community and society in general.

Healthier Me

Kathy Jones
Life Coach; Mental Health Professional, Certified Anger Management Facilitator-Adult and Adolescent; Fellow Member of the American Association of Anger Management Providers

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